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March 22, 2009


My question is am I eligible for the cobra stimulus package since I worked for 30 years on one job and fell off a ladder while working and am no out of work collecting workers comp. My wife is not working and I have children

I have been out of work since September 16,2008 and been approved for S.S. disability. I also have been approved for the COBRA assistance and pay my share or 35%. My only problem is that I payed my employer the full amount for March and also my new lower amount through the subsidized plan. They owe me a refund for the full amount. They admit that I am due a refund, but have not given it to me yet. They want to make sure I am eligible. Sounds like a line a Cr## to me.

Thank you for your comment, but we are not experts in the area of COBRA law. I recommend you contact a lawyer who practices in this field.

So what about us that became permanently disabled prior to 2008? Since I have struggled to pay every month for Cobra. There is nothing for those of us that have paid the whole cost.

Don't you think some consideration should have been given to those of us that have paid the full amount at least for the last 18 to 24 months?

Looks like we were excluded. That they were only looking at the unemployed "again".

I wish we could help you Rennie. Unfortunately, the government didn't ask me what I thought would be fair.

Bob Kraft

I had a brain tumor operation 12/22/08, went back to work 3/9/09, just had a seizer 8/13/09 and am now odd work again and in the process of applying for disability. my employer said that I hav used up all my insurance and now have to pay cobra do they have to hgelp me with the cobra stimmulus.

Tanya, the language in the bill is "...who were involuntarily laid off after Sept. 1, 2008, and through Dec. 31, 2009." It would appear that if you are not involuntarily laid off you would not qualify. However, I am NOT an expert on this. I suggest you talk with your HR department, and also visit this Web page: http://www.dol.gov/opa/media/press/ebsa/EBSA20090301.htm. Good luck to you.

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